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The nematodes that cause the wilt are spread by an insect called a pine sawyer beetle. This is a boring beetle; not boring as in uninteresting, but boring as in it will chew out tunnels through the tree to raise a new “beetle family.” But this beetle cannot invade a live pine tree the sap is too much of an issue. That is why it will look for a dead pine tree (one already infested with nematodes) to rear its young.

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Heavy healing lotions help a bit but I don like how they feel. I started using a facial mist by Andalou Naturals on my legs after a shower (obviously hot water dries skin out so I do my best to use cooler water when I shower, for my skin and color treated hair plus it summer in Texas and it feels nice anyway!). I also sometimes layer a hyaluronic acid serum over that.

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“I know last time that happened the FBI was searching everybody, I heard people saying that,” he said. “When people were praying they came and closed the masjid and took people. I don’t know if that was true or not. Analysts polled by Reuters were looking for earnings of $0.85/share on revenue of $6.06 billion. The company, notorious for its soft guidance, gave stronger than expected FQ1 guidance of revenue of about $9.2 billion and earnings per share of about $1.42 (full earnings call transcript); consensus estimates for next quarter had been $1.39/share on $8.6 billion in revenue. It said it ended its fiscal year with $15.4 billion in cash and no debt.

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